Tuesday, 16 January 2018

General Dentistry for Seniors

Senior Dental Care is Different

Just as our bodies alter as we grow older, our teeth and gums do too. Years of plaque accumulation, as well as drinking coffee and tea or using tobacco, can make teeth turn dark. Ask us about techniques that can reverse this. A reduction of saliva is sometimes a side effect of medications. There are easy-to-use products that can make this condition more bearable. Your fillings are becoming older, too – more prone to becoming weak and cracking. Regular check-ups will allow us to keep your fillings in tip-top shape. Gum disease and root decay pose a higher risk of development in seniors. If your gums become red or begin to bleed, or your teeth start to feel loose, contact us promptly. Remember, daily cleaning and good nutrition are crucial for maintaining healthy gums.

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